Painting With Brushes App For iPhone

©Thomas Haskett
2" x 3" Finger Sketch
Occasionally, I like sketching things on my phone. So far I've only used my finger to paint with, but am tempted to try a stylus. Just need to figure out which is best....
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Steve PP said...

I bought the iFaraday artist stylus with a standard dome, and Thomas, it is superb. It just glides across the screen and is as light as a wooden pencil. I also tried the Wacom Bamboo which was too heavy, and the rubber tip just dragged, the Nomad brush which was just too floppy and unresponsive. The new Sensu brush comes out in May, and that looks fantastic, hope that helps?
Happy painting!

Thomas Haskett said...

Brilliant, thanks Steve! I'll give it a go. There's something really addictive and innately enjoyable about finger painting (and staying clean) But the added control must allow so much more scope. Love your new digital sketches/paintings by the way.