Plein Air Painting On The Preseli Hills

Sunday's mountain-top en plein air painting session. The view looking south towards Haverfordwest, and way beyond.
All photos ©Thomas Haskett - All Rights Reserved
8" x 12" Oil On Board
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It was very cold and windy up there, but the views were utterly breathtaking. There were showers drifting across the bay, although I stayed dry on the top of the Preselis. I even saw my first swallows of the year. To compliment them, I also spotted a red kite, several buzzards, a pair of ravens and had the pleasure of listening to some skylarks singing way above me as I painted away and slowly lost the feeling in my fingers!
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Journeyman said...

Ha, I know exactly were you were standing Tom, hard job to condense so much in to a composition, you did a great job.

Thomas Haskett said...

Thanks so much Dave; thought you'd know this one. I started off there as there was slightly less to choose from, compared to the very top! I've been commissioned to paint a diptych of cwm gwaun towards fishguard, I'll show you more when it's underway :)

Dana said...

How beautiful, Thomas! I like the clouds very much, compelling.


Thomas Haskett said...

Thank you very much Dana. It was quite windy, and the clouds kept flying past, making it rather difficult to paint them!