On Longboarding, Noseriding And Injury


I rarely ever post surfing photos here, but these are different. They depict my first surf after some enforced downtime due to tearing a knee ligament back in March. Needless to say, it felt exceptionally good to be back in the water, despite having to take it easier than usual!

Thank you to Gethin for the photos
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Bella Gingell said...

Congratulations on getting well enough to surf. (I didn't know you did - talk about multi-talented).

There was some good surf in Cornwall last week with the strong winds which brought flooding to Wales. I could tell the surfers were happy; they near tripped over themselves to get to the beach first. :)

Thomas Haskett said...

Thank you bella, it appears the weather is repeating itself with more strong winds, rain but thankfully some waves too!