Preseli Landscape Diptych

©Thomas Haskett - 2no. 12" x 14" Oil on board - Click to enlarge
 I was commissioned to paint two pictures from the top of the Preseli Hills looking Northwest along the Gwaun Valley and towards Fishguard. The paintings were to work both as individual scenes and also as a pair when hung next to one another.
 It took a lot of planning to select the right information to include, and also to make both paintings work compositionally by themselves and when juxtaposed. You can see a small trial version that I painted before hand.

©Thomas Haskett - 2no. 12" x 14" Oil on board - Click to enlarge

Thumbnail sketches from the planning stages

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Bella Gingell said...

I am sure the person who commissioned this will be happy with it. I like how you have shown the sketches and work up to the finished result.

Thomas Haskett said...

Thank you very much Bella, as it happened they were very happy. It's lovely to deal directly with clients as so often my work goes through galleries and it's all rather remote.
Both paintings are now at the framers; and choosing the right frame took almost as long as planning the paintings in the first place!